Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Who's on your Rocket?

Earth is run by retards. That's all I have to say right now. Let's build a big rocket and leave. If you could bring any six people with you who woould you take along. And I don't want to hear about family or friends or spouses, I want to hear about celebs and authors and people we actually know. So please, nobody bring their cousin Mike, or your shrink. Yes, I'm sure that they're both great kissers, but we don't know who the hell they are, do we?

I'd bring...

Katie Holmes - Obvious
Donald Trump -
So I could beat his smug materialistic face into paste.
Mr. T -
He's Mr. T for fucksake
Avrile Levi- whatshername - Entertainment (various forms)
Robert Downey Jr. - C
onversation, my amusement
Kate Beckinsdale - I like her, um... voice.

I would've taken Johnny Depp, but then I'd be stuck shagging the Donald while Johnny bagged all the girls Mormon style.

Okay, maybe I'd drop Mr. T and bring Beck just to get his talented ass out of the evil clutches of Scientology. I can't think of a famous doctor but that'd be a useful person to have on board too.

My choices are lame? Yeah, so, who the hell are you bringing?

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