Wednesday, September 29, 2004

They has a Crazy Name!

Some Guy in Missouri legally changed his name from "Andrew" to "They."

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I know. That's what I thought too.
Personally, I can't wait to give my kid some weird name. I'm leaning toward the names "Honkey" or "Cash-Money" if I have a girl and maybe "Doctor" or "Commander" if it's a boy.

Here are some other names on my list.

Boy Names

Girl Names
Nine One One
Monkey Bars
Big Daddy

Somebody should get on Ebay and auction off the right to name their child. That reminds me I need to refill the prescriptions on my meds.


kilbot said...

I have thought long and hard about names for my future children, it is so important to give them the right start in life. Here are my top three;

1. Jesus: For the first born son. I know that Jesus is quite a common name in some countries, but very few people named Jesus actually believe they are the son of God... you need to drive that shit in there from an early age; "People have been waiting a long time for you", "You have a lot of work to do", "No dinner until you perform a miracle".

2. Hygienic-Lily: For the first born girl. I saw this written on a soft drink lid, you know the ones you get from a fast food restaurant, it conjures such a lovely image and it is hyphenated... classy.

3. Nasdaq: For the little adopted Asian kid. Having a little Asian whiz kid running around the house would be neat and adoption allows me to take the high moral ground against those that dare question my parenting methods.

Ellyn said...

In that artical, I was more confused by the pointless invention he wanted to make...
what an ass clown!

Town Bike said...

My firstborn will be called Pythagoras Herpes.

Anonymous said...

My fiance was wanting to name our first born "Lord". So then during roll call etc. he would have to be addressesed as "Lord Canion".