Saturday, September 11, 2004

Freedom to Force People to Do Things!

Excerpt from the angry people at Keep the

"On June 25th, 2002, the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is “unconstitutional” and cannot be recited in public schools because it contains the words “under God.” This unbelievable and absurd ruling is yet another salvo from activist judges more interested in making their own law rather than following the Constitution."

I sent this email to the Under God Pushers

Dear "Under God" Mandatory Pledge hardliners:

Point of fact

1) The U.S. Constitution does not include the Pledge of Allegiance. Which was written in 1892 by socialist advocate, Francis Bellamy. Look it up.

2) "Under God" to the pledge does add religion to the pledge. What's wrong with dropping Under God and keeping The Pledge as a sign of Patriotism? Religion and Patriotism are not related. Freedom includes the freedom not to follow the belief system imposed by others. Freedom of Religion is in the constitution and it protects the right to practice or not practice an organized religion.

3) Your site's wording is incredibly biased and makes liberal (From the Latin root meaning freedom) sound like a dirty word. Why not go ahead and call those of us don't wish to be "Under God" Hippie Communists Agitators.

4) Mandatory pledging to God is not freedom.

5) You could actually put your resources and effort into helping people like I do and not clogging our courts and wasting time on debate.

6) If you're going to make a website, take the time to Check Your Facts so you don't look stupid and some guy with a half-decent education can rip holes in your unsubstantiated claims.

7) You're free to ask for your god's blessing or the Tooth Fairy's blessing for all I care. Just don't try and take away my personal freedoms with your subjective bullshit.

8) I'm Proud to be a Free American.

Ima Saneperson

You can send them mail at

I love the John Wayne audio on their site. Well, let's saddle up and go give it a listen. Whaddya say, pilgrim?

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