Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Please Take Your Hand Out Of The Bear's Ass

I do so enjoy embarrassing people. Especially the Lady R who has a great sense of humor about it. She didn't even get mad when I threw that dead sand crab in her mouth. What a champ!
Went to dinner with Lady R. CPK. Yum. Afterwards we went to the mall to kill time until rush hour was over. I bought some puppets at a baby store, because Lady R thinks she wants a baby and goo gooed over some baby clothes and crap. The hedgehog sweatshirt was kinda cute. After talking to the cashier via the puppet I spoke to Lady R loudly for half an hour while people looked on in puzzlement at the escaped mental patient making the bear puppet and cow puppet harass Lady R with talk that was inappropriate even from the mouth of a plush animal hand puppet.


Anonymous said...

I was amused and at times embarrassed, but not annoyed. Kranki makes me laugh. Oh, and by the way, I do want a baby.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Todd Weeks thing was well worth finding the website and clicking the video links. It touched me and not in an icky Uncle way. But still I was left a bit disturbed and amused.

kranki said...

Lady R,

You find the guy you want to contribute the DNA for your baby and I'll hold him down while you extract his semen. Maybe Tuesday. Don't forget to bring duct tape and a small tupperware.