Friday, September 10, 2004

The Big Boobie-Off

(To be read in my Earnest Announcer voice)

Miss Know It All and Giggles are in the finals. Both scored a legitimate 44 points, knocking Bevis from the busom of the winner's circle. And yes, the competition favored Americans. But Bevis captures the Bronze Boobie and retains the title of Australian Champion.

So for the final contestants I'm going to give you 10 fill in the blank with a boobie-related or boobie slang words. With a word or two words misssing. You must guess what the missing word is for each phrase or compound word. It's kind of like Match Game but without all the washed up 70's TV stars.

To be fair PLEASE EMAIL ME THE RESULTS. You both have my contact info.

Winner will receive an autographed ugly picture of me and maybe some stickers. Good Luck and may the breast man or woman win.

Here we go. No help from the audience* please.

1) ______ for tat.

2) I'd like to frost those________.

3) What kind of bees make milk? ________

4) ________ augmentation

5) _________ fed babies are the best fed babies.

6) Are you watching the ________ tube again?

7) Welcome to ________ I'm Nikki can I start you guys off with some appetizers?

8) Over the shoulder ________ holder.

9) She's so flat-chested she should be president of the itty bitty _____ committee.

10) "I have _______ Greg? Could you milk me?" (hint: this is a movie quote")

Really hard bonus in case you get all those...

(TIE BREAKER) If necessary

One look at her firm bountiful breast reminded me of the famous rock band, _______ _______ (hint, their talented, alcoholic drummer died in 1980)

* Bevis, James Dough and Ms Fits, no helping.


Miss Know It All said...

It's on. I'm just a little confident.

kranki said...

Miss Know It All has her score in. It's in your court now, Giggles!

Miss Anthrope said...

how about me? i guess i'm a little late, but i smoked all y'all.
i got 51 bitches!

Jenn L said...

i got a 46.. interesting note.. the misses scores reflect our own sizes... ha ha ha... that would make miss anthrope a 51 C, miss information a 46 B and miss know it all a 41 A. (laughing so hard i'm getting teary eyed)

kranki said...

Dear Miss Information and Miss Anthrope 51 & 46 - that's impressive. I 'm going to let you both into the final four with Giggles and Miss Know It All. I will let you both compete in the (BIG BOOBIE OFF) and email it to me. Miss K.I.A. has my email address. I don't like to post it on the site. I get way too many lonely old men propositioning me and the money offers are getting uncomfortably tempting.

So it's a four way race. Who doesn't love a good cat fight? The Misses rock.

Miss Know It All said...

The info has been passed on. Let the games begin.

kranki said...

Just waiting on scores from Miss Information and Giggles the Spelling Warden.

kranki said...

A hearty congratulations to Miss Anthrope for knocking off Giggles and Miss Know It All. If Miss Information can get a perfect score then she'll share the prize with Miss Anthrope. It's been a wonderful experience all around. You're all winners. Especially those of you who have breasts. I have an even greater respect for New York Women.

Miss Anthrope said...

i am so honored to be the winner of the big boobie off! i always knew giggles didnt stand a chance anyway.
but trust me, many of the women in new york arent nearly as cool as the Misses, unfortunately. but at least there's us. that's really all you need.