Thursday, September 09, 2004

Look carefully at this image for ten seconds. Relax you mind. Then tell me three things that you see in the image or that the image could be and I will tell you if you are regular crazy, very crazy or stark raving drooley -looney bin filler. If ten people participate then I will post an embarrasing picture of me.  Posted by Hello


BEVIS said...

I see a big ugly yeti with horrible, flabby man-boobs who just wants a hug.

He's bleeding from the ears and the nipples.

BEVIS said...

I also see a close-up of a very sad and pathetic man's face, who has been mastubating all night while he reads blogs about Ms Fits allowing some chick with an old man's name to feel her boobs.

(Are you detecting a theme here?)

His eyes are bloodshot and he doesn't know he has snot caked over his top lip.

BEVIS said...

I also see a plane flying into a tall building, but I'm scared to tell you that because you're American and will probably have me killed.

Not that I don't have it coming ...

(Oh, and breasts! I also see breasts.)

BEVIS said...

I also see a great way to out-stay my welcome by posting far too many comments on this one post.

BEVIS said...

I also see myself getting beaten up.

BEVIS said...

I see dead people.

BEVIS said...

I see breasts.

ms fits said...

I see Bevis posting about 7 borderline psychopathic comments on your blog. No, wait.

In the picture I see two horses racing in the derby. They're colourful horses, with feathers and finery. But they're running in the opposite direction from each other . Why? Because they have been joined together by a horrible genetic experiment. And their father was the scientist who joined them.

I'm done. Do you love it?

BEVIS said...

I don't know about Kranki-Pants, but I certainly love it!

Ooh! Ooh! I see something else! And no breasts this time!

I see the adorable face of a very cute dog looking up at me with his droopy eyes radiating affection and his floppy ears looking gorgeous and I'm going to sledge that bastard to a bloody pulp with a brick.

Anonymous said...

i see 2 guns, 2 thumbs and a pair of ovaries.

kranki said...

I see a giant flying bug who wants a hug. Which means that I'm obviously into beastiality.

Fits: Horses are a symbol of male sexuality, you need to stuff a cock in your hen house - maybe two. And you have issues about measuring up to your father's unrealistic expectations.

Bevis: I am reporting you to PETA and Interpol.

Anonomyous: Guns, thumbs and ovaries. Your mental health is rock solid you may purchase as many firearms as you like.

Burnt Karma said...

I see a disected frog
Those strange shapes at the sides do look like guns
I see Jabba the Hut's lunch.
I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you.

It's the colours - black, red and green - not very pretty, so the mind turns to ugly things. If it was pink and pale blue then I'd probably say I see a baby wrapped in a bunny rug.

Wish I could post pictures on my blog, but the "Hello" program doesn't work for Mac. Discrimination I say!