Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Tucson Connection

I am eagerly awaiting the Raw Estrogen Surge of the Roller Derby tonight. I'm hoping for a chance to lay some money down on the battle. I don't even know the rules to rollerderbing so I'm sure to win a pile of cash. I also would like to get a picture of one of the derby girls arm-wrestling Giggles or hurting him in some way. Something suitable for framing.

We're staying with my friend J's mom and she's been great. She likes the same TV shows as me and is big into David Sedaris. She has the cool mom vote locked up as far as I'm concerned. Her son J even called me last night while we were out in his home town (He's off at a Cabin in Colorado "fishing" or something manly.

I've been on good behavior as Gig and I are guests. It's a phat house, Santa Fe style place with a jacuzzi, a pool room an eight foot long Bull Snake that lives on the property. The usual stuff. All in all it's nice to have a vacation house to escape the real world for a while.

Most of all I'm getting excited to meet Ms. Fits's mostest, bestest friend, Gabi who's performing at half time of the Derby. Last night down on Fourth street by the University of Arizona or Arizona State or whatever, they're the Wild Cats was a romp. Giggles and I entertained ourselves by waiting until a group of people walked past us and then we'd break out into a huge argument about something I managed to get into all the bars even though I, absentminded dumb-arse that I am, left my wallet at home. What's the one thing you need when you take a road trip. Yeah, I forgot it. Oh, and my camera. I'd like to get Giggles laid, preferably by a derby girl with coconut-cracking thighs. I miss Penny, but sometimes it's good to do the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. Hopefully we will all party like immature rockstars tonight, or at the very least, like 30-year-old Rollerderby groupies. I must go now so I can hear some more embarrassing
stories about J's childhood from his mom.


Miss Anthrope said...

rollergirls are sexy as hell! damn!

Jason Mulgrew said...

i had mozzarella sticks for breakfast!

jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

Anonymous said...

Most important meal of the day.

Fried Cheese: the Breakfast of Champions.

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