Thursday, September 16, 2004

Road Trip Ahead

Friday I drive seven hours to Tucson Arizona to see the Town Bikes and their twisted brand of Australian Cabaret. I shall be dragging Giggles along with me for the strange adventure. I am certain that one of us will not survive the journey. No, that's not true, but it sounded dramatic, didn't it? The Town Bikes are playing at the Derby which happens to be having it's championship Ladies roller derby featuring the Furious Truckstop Waitresses against the Iron Curtain. They are mostly bruisers and I don't usually dig tall chicks made even taller by roller skates, but I have never seen a roller derby live and look forward to watching women hurt each other just for sport. A group cat fight on wheels. It's like a like a Nascar flesh rumble. It's good to see that violence isn't just for men and boys. Don't worry Giggles and I will be wearing our helmets too.

With love, or disdain and scorn (depending on who you are)


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