Friday, September 10, 2004

Stress Relief Methods - Warning Nudity!

That's Odd! I thought for sure the nudity warning would have scared you off.

Option #1 for stress relief. Repeat until you no longer feel stressed.

Option #2 for stress relief. Repeat until out of bullets.

And taking a nice warm bath is option #3. The sensible option.

These two perky specimens that you're gazing at are called breasts. No! Not the yellow things swimming around in the tub, I think those are coyotes, but I know that they're certainly not breasts. Look above the yellow coyotes. No! Those are arms. Look at the protruding part on the woman's chest in between the arms and the coyotes. Yes, the bumpy things with the dots a.k.a. nipples a.k.a. areola. Aren't these two just breathtaking? I love to see coyotes swimming and frolicking at bath time.


Anonymous said...

it's spelled arreola silly.

kranki said...

Thanks. I'll fix it. I have a friend who's last name is Arriola. I guess that's what happens when I try to push my brain and write a post after a long day of doing puppet shows. Also, I can't believe you called me the "S" word.

giggles said...

Actually, it's spelled areola, or areole, as I believe you do not pronounce the last letter. And I hate to be Picky Pete about your knowledge of biology, but it's not the nipple itself, but the pigmented ring AROND the nipple. Your post, Kranki, seems to imply that nipple and areola are one and the same. That may be true at game time, but for purposes of a sober, level-headed discussion of anatomy, I want to make sure you get it right.

kranki said...

GIGGLES! Please stop stalling so that one of the Misses can kick your ass into the ground. I think it's awesome for you that Maxim goes into such detail about the distinction between nipples and areola. Now send me your g-damn answers to the Big Boobie off! We're waiting on you. You're like the John McEnroe of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Next thing that crazy Giggles will do is try and tell us that those aren't coyotes in the bathtub.