Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Part 2 of 3

Apparently when there are costumes involved I have quite an active social life. I revamped my mad doctor costume into Doctor Love, with ravy flashing hearts and all. It's comfortable to dance in scrubs. I don't get these guys who dress in full rubberized demon body suits. They look like some villain from the Spiderman comic books. Tagged along with some friends to the big new club in L.A. Godskitchen at the Henry Fonda. Very cool set up, lots of wander room and different places to crash and cozy up.

Okay, enough plugging the venue. On to the highlights.

1) Going out dancing for the first time in over two years! Y.E.A.R.S. I'm happy to report that there wasn't too much rust or dust on my funky groove machine.

2) Friends brought some weak-ass drugs. I'll just say they were 97% less potent than the worst I've ever had. But Penny and I and John and Jackie Kennedy still had a lovely time. Shame about JFK getting shot and spattering Jackie blood and all.

3) By pure coincidence we ran into two of out friends, which at a big place when everybody is in costume is remarkable. Especially because my friend Ned (honkey) was wearing a massive fro, some facial hair and a bowtie. He was Rufus Peabody of course. It's great to have somebody there to use their afro wig to fan you on the dance floor.

4) In the VIP room Penny and I were couch spooning and we had this hot girl in a skimpy little girlscout outfit with her boyscout w/boner date. She was like our own personal go go dancer. She shook her cookies quite well.

5) Then there was a great set by SANDER and two professional dancing girls who were barely dressed in leather Indian Princess gear. One was eh, but the other was one of the most beautiful females I've ever seen including magazines, tv and movies. We (yes even the women) were all mesmerized and couldn't look away from her. Had I been on something potent, I would have rushed the stage and pinned my pulsating heart on her. I wanted her to sweat so it might hit me in the face. Her formula was hot squared, times ten. Drooling complete.

6) I don't remember much after that except for going to the seating area to rest and finding what looked like the lost and found of Asian guys. They were all crashed out, most of them asleep as the beat pounded away. Then one by one their wives and girlfriends came to collect them, as if they were lost articles of clothing or coats from the coat check room.

7) Cute girl dressed as Punky Brewster went out of her way to chat with me. Cause I was after all Doctor Love. DJ Jenette, I think it was. That made me think about Punky Brewster. I think it's "odd" for an old single white man to adopt an eight year old girl. But maybe that's just me.


giggles said...

Wow! These posts are just like being there! Minus the fun, of course.

kranki said...

Is that sarcasm, jealousy, ennui, pleasure, or frustration?