Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Paper or Plastic?

So the first year is the paper anniversary and I tossed around many gift/celebration ideas and got input from many of you. So, thanks to you and especially to Cami, my Dear friend and quite possibly the busiest woman on two legs. Thanks also to Gerald. Gerald, let me just say that while your idea to "tie Penny up and give her a series of nasty paper cuts" wasn't quite the sentiment I was going for, it was an original notion. Have a great, and I'm sure kinky, S & M Halloween as you go bobbing for razor blades or burn your nipples with a hot poker to honor Lord Lucifer. Please say hi to your buddies at the Body Piercing shop you certified freakshit weirdo! I shall not be so open to giving out my email in the future. Papercuts?! Fortunately I have something I think she'll like better. I'll let you know how it goes later in case she reads this post. 4% chance of that, but hey it's rained for the last four days here in LA so weird shit can happen.So how are we spending our anniversary night? Why you scoundrel, what a personal question! But I'll indulge you. She has a fuck-shit class on Color Theory with her alcoholic professor. I respect what designers do, but did you know there are people who get paid simply to be color consultants? That's motherfucked up.


sergeant fun said...

second time's a charm commenting on this i guess... concert tickets! a paper bra! a box of tissues! you tow are a great couple so you'll figure something out. make her a list of all the reasons you love her. yeah. that's it.

kranki said...

I got something goooood. I'll tell you after I spring it. We're celebrating it late cause my present ain't here yet either.

Have you made Seargent Fun shirts yet? Joined Roller Derby? Get it together! Your friends will pay good money to see you hurt people on skates.

sergeant fun said...

tow is the new two. sorry about that. so embarrassing, me being a grammarian and all.

i can't wait to hear what the gift is!

roller derby is #2 on my agenda after i get a full-time job. #1 is an ipod. my friends probably would pay good money to kick some ass, since i talk about it all the time! till then, i have my bullets.