Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Plugging the Plug!

Initially I didn't find The Plug all that funny. But I'm thinking. Hmmm... Ms Fits has a link to The Plug, so he must be funny.

Then I found this post by the plug and I was muchfully amused. It reminds me of the amazingly funny and mostly unknown Lazlo Letters. It's good stuff. The original prank writer. Everything else has just been flattery and imitation.

And so once again, all is well in in the city of Townsville, thanks to The POWER PUFF GIRLS!

I didn't know how to end the post so I plagiarized. I wish the Power Puff Girls were my daughters or even my nieces. Yes, if I could have one wish in the world that would be it. Who cares who the fucking president is. My girls would Whoop Ass on the turds of the world. Look out Bush Girls!

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