Monday, October 18, 2004

Random Photos with Captions

I got a picture of this mildly-retarded kid standing next to this sign when I was visiting New York.

I like any cartoon that depicts animals doing people things. With the possible exception of Dogs Playing Poker.

This is for all you hard working women out there. Also very random. What else can I include that is odd... Oh! Of course!...

I met this dude on my honeymoon. We played racquet ball and drank tequila shots until dawn.

It's just odd. I'm familiar with Freedom and Boredom and Dulldrum but what the fuck is Elkdom? There was an old guy who smiled proudly when I snapped the picture as if to say "Yes, young fella, put that on your blog and share our pride with the world."

And lastly a picture of my neighbor Chase* and his dog Toby*. Toby and I took a nap together the other day. He is about as small as a full-grown dog can be. I think he weighs as much as a pack of tissues. Chase also has his penis exposed, but you can't see it behind the bag. It's a relaxed and friendly block I live on. And no, I'm sorry but Toby is not currently available for bachlorette parties. He's all booked up thru January.

* I didn't use their real names. Chase and Toby are in the witness relocation program so it would be reckless of me to write their actual names since a large number of my readers are involved in organized crime.
Mickey the Finger and this guy are both avid blog readers and they'd like nothing better than to send Chase and Toby to "Sleep with da fuggin' fishes" for testifying against him.

For the record. Not everything in this post is 100% true.


ms fits said...

Argh! I am at The ESP's work and here I CAN READ YOUR BLOG.

Am in heaven. Dosing up on k-boy. Keep the gold coming.


kranki said...

Don't overdose and end up in a K-hole. It's not pretty when that happens.