Sunday, October 24, 2004

What's Wrong With the Japanese?

The following post contains material that may not be suitable for young children, teens, adults, the elderly or people with heart conditions.

Sperm Lesbians? Hmmm.... Now, there are lots of things you can say about lesbians, but I'm 98% sure they don't produce or ingest much sperm.

I pose this as a serious question. Why does Japan produce animated pornography? Not just a little bit. We're talking about a corna-fucking-copia of big-eyed anime chick porn? In the U.S. we have a few dozen strip poker video games while the Japanese have thousands of video games that allow you to have interactive videogame sex. Even their porn is more high tech. Choose your own sex adventure. Why do they love and devour this stuff? Is it that they feel less guilty because it makes the sexuality it complete fantasy or would they try and dry hump Minnie Mouse at Disney Land? Does it have something to do with women being more subservient in Japanese culture than in many other countries? What is the turn on here. Isn't the real thing or the closer you can get to the real thing better. Why don't they go for the meat and potatoes porn? They have these weird Big-Eyed chicks who don't look Japanese, Asian or Caucasian, they're just baby dolls. They even have crazy fantasy rave wigs and hair? I don't get it and maybe you can help me out.

She looks genuinely frightened. And my spatial sense tells me that there is no way she is going to get her lips around that thing. Not even in the world of suspended belief animation could that happen.

Is this supposed to be a victim or a nympho? She's completely immobilized and it quickly conjures up the idea of rape, because she is powerless. Again with the neon blue hair. But how classy that the ass beads match the bondage gear.

Yeah... This particular image gets my stomach queasy... so naturally I thought I'd share it with you. Violence is not subtle in this one. Devirginizing school girls. Sure, why not? How is this supposed to be a turn on? It's more like a car crash where you see actual injuries. Only instead of a car it's a penis and a girl in knee socks.

As you can see the physical proportions are just insane. The candy stripers have noses the size of a baby pea. The last time I checked tongues were quite a bit larger than eyes. They have these little kitty-cat sized tongues. It's gonna take all day to get that thing to blow. I guess that's why they decided to work together. The Japanese candy stripers know teamwork.

Oh sure. Of course you recognize that thing. I think most people own one of these classic devices: The combination legstrap-crotchless, nipple clamper rod. Could the mouths be any smaller on these animated "babyslutgirls." I don't mean to bash the sexual proclivities of a culture, but it just seems wrong and twisted to me in so many ways. This is what gets Japanese men aroused?

Honestly, what's wrong with some nice, normal porno? The kind that you and I grew up enjoying. They can keep their giant-eyed, helpless, anime freaky girls. I contend that there is no substitute for the real thing. Personally I prefer the artistry of black and white over color.

Just look at that Horny Hare pounding away with that Cock! It's pure.


Book Book Cheep Cheep said...

Kranki, I thought I would let you know that the leak has been plugged.

And now we enter the endgame.

kranki said...

Drat! Curses to you! You may have won this battle but the war shall turn in my favor. Join me on the kranki side. The kranki side is strong with the force!

Defy me and you shall taste my vengeful wrath.

Related question: If you have more than one nemisis do you have nemesi? Like how cactus become cacti and octupus becomes octupi?

You work in a book store you should know. My dictionary has no big fancy words. It's just scratch and sniff with some pictures.

Oh! If my children's book gets published will you carry it in your store?

Will you hold me when the nights are cold and the moon is dark? What about in a thunder storm?

Book Book Cheep Cheep said...

KB, some facts and questions:

1) Nemeses is correct. I was testing you out with my response and you've failed. Miserably.

2) KB Lager was a wonderful drink. Maybe it stood for KrankiBoy.

3) Will me stocking your Childrens book break any laws? Will it have pictures of Japanese Anime in compromising positions? I have heard that these characters, blue hair and all, still fear blackmail. That is how most of them end up in Cartoon Porn.

4) Yes, I will hold you. You explain it to your wife.

5) Where in L.A. are you? I drove down Sepulveda Boulevarde once and then dumped my car in Corona Del Mar like the $2 hooker it was. It steered like a boat anyway.

6) A man in Cuban heels and a mouthplate just walked in to my bookstore and bought a biography of Josef Stalin. He held the book above his head in two hands, looked at me and said "Oh yes!".

7) It is now Beer O'Clock.

kranki said...

Dear Book Book

Glad you like my beer. The brewery has been in my family for years.
Must be a time difference. Here in LA it is Lay on the couch with dogs and fall asleep O'clock.

I love that you dumped your car.

No, my childrens books are actually suitable for children. I'm a school teacher as you may have surmised from my posts.

I live Between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. And I smell like fresh baked bread.

More at a later date.


C.E.O. & Brewmaster

"KB Lager. Wouldn't things be better if you were drunk right now?!"