Monday, October 25, 2004

Some Retraction Action

In my post about the former Friends' writers assistant I may have been a bit hasty... So I have to make an apology to the writers' assistant who is suing the friends writers. I spelled her name Amani Lyle. It should be A-m-a-a-n-i Lyle. My bad. I still think she's a can't hack it, no-sense-of-humor cry baby. I wouldn't really hit her with my car, because if I didn't finish her off she'd sue me. And I like to hurt people with words, not with automobiles.

Below is a link to all the nasty things they said. I don't doubt that they did and said most of these things. It's a writer's room. I've worked in rooms where they hung a Polaroid picture on the wall. One of the writers found near a tennis court. It was a nasty shot of some old man giving a super suction blow job. If you made a bad joke pitch or wasted to much time, the exec producers would sometimes make you kiss it. It was all in good fun. Maybe that's because I never had to kiss it.

Click the title of this post to enjoy the 8 pages of raunchy and amusing deposition that details what was allegedly done and said in the Friends writers' room.


ms fits said...

Argh! Have found yet another place to covertly hook into K-Boy. Now I've got five minutes before my radio show and the computers at the station somehow seem to find you hot.

We're about to do a show about amputees. No doubt it will be tasteful. x

kranki said...

Just don't mention that they can be rented out as talking throw pillows, or used as bait for large sea creatures and you should be fine.

If anybody missing any limbs is reading this. I am disabled too and the dark humor is the only thing that gets me through the day. Much love.

Mallrat said...

damn- that link is down. i really wanna read it. sounds like fun.

Mallrat said...

yeah, I had a similar experience to Amaani when i was working as an assistant writer on krankiboy.