Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What Coud Be Cuter Than A Baby?

Well, A Fetus of Course. It's like a baby baby. These are a lot cuter than the actual Fetus in a jar that my very objective 8th Grade teacher brought in to show the class what it looks like when you kill the unborn. Mrs. Gans also wore only sweatpants and had some harsh views about Communism. Ahh, Junior High. Nothing but good memories.

Excuse me? Gay Pride Fetus?

This must be what he looked like several weeks after the second cumming.

Just because I just made a bad pun doesn't mean I'm not hardcore like this Fetal Sid Viscious

Don't Forget Little Zygote

Are these supposed to be lovingly conjoined Fetal Stuffed Twins. Reminds me of the movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger and Danny DeVito. There is something odd about a "stuffed animal" company whose product is cleary Pro Life and yet also has a Jesus Fetus, Devil Fetus and a Gay Pride Fetus. They will even custom make them for you. I'm torn. Should I order one with a scar on his head called C-Section, a pale blue one called Craig Stillborn and an inside out one called Little Miss Carriage. A perferct "sorry you lost your baby" gift. It brings tomind a story and old friend told me. He was in Mississippi in the mid 1990's standing on a corner waiting at a red light. Next to him was an older portly white businessman and a young black woman pushing her baby in a stroller. This Mississipi businessman looked down at the baby and smiled. Then he looked up at the woman and gave her what he thought was a very sweet compliment. "Ma'am you have got yourself one adorable little Nigglet."


Anonymous said...

They're so cute they make me want to have an abortion. Sorry, that's dark. I guess I could buy one at

Mallrat said...

jesus Christ, Kranki, how on earth did you find these things? they are real creepy jesus!

kranki said...

Sept 28th Hulk's Diary mentioned a fetal Hulk and I had to see what the hell a fetal hulk is. You can go buy one. What a lovely gift for your Pro Life people. Even the hard to shop for devil worshipping Pro Life people. You know they're out there. Outside your window that is. Right Now. Be afraid.

kristine said...

wow. i'm laughing really hard. and i don't really feel bad about it either. this company surely wasn't meant to be pro-life, though...right? isn't it meant to be a complete satire? or did i fall prey to your joke and just get myself tangled?