Friday, October 22, 2004

Abort me, Mommy!

Comedy should only be used for good... never for evil.


This stuff is um... offensive. You have to be a jaded cynical bastard to be amused by this. I can picture the creator of this site wearing a T- shirt that says, "My wife died of bowel cancer and all I got was this lousy shirt!"

I found something besides cruelty to animals that offends me. I never thought I'd say it but some of this is in very, very bad taste. And I don't mean in a badly shot, tacky, porno movie kind of way. Nor do I mean bad taste, like, that enormous, ornate, ceramic animal lamp that grandma has in her living room. I mean bad taste.

Okay some were funny. Very wrong on many levels but clever. Which one do you find most offensive?

These are from the link below. I DID NOT write them.

1)•••••••••"Sometimes I think about my dead baby, but mostly I don't." — Jessica, Willamantic, Connecticut

2)•••••••••"My wife thought she could just go ahead and choose to have the baby. 'Over my dead carcass,' I said. Then I forced her to get an abortion. Boy, when we got divorced, I sure was happy I didn't have to drop half my paycheck on child support." — Jay, Long Beach, California

3)•••••••••"I read about all those women in Africa who don't have the means to get an abortion. I felt I needed to take one for the team. This one was for them."— Alex, Skowhegan, Maine

4)•••••••••"I lost a bet." — Mary, North Charleston, South Carolina

5)•••••••••"The angel Gabriel came to me one night and said, 'Tonight you will conceive in your womb a baby, and you will name him Jesus.' The next day I went straight to the clinic. That was the last thing I needed in my life." — Mary, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

6)•••••••••"It was either this or stop smoking crack." — Regina, Queens, New York

7)•••••••••"I thought it was the American thing to do." — Eunice, Sweetwater, Texas

8)•••••••••"Same shit, different day.'" — Constance, Surprise, Arizona

9)•••••••••"My doctor told me that if I chose to have the baby, my life was in grave danger. She said, 'Fortunately, your fetus is now just a little fleshy blob, so it's not an it-or-you situation. Not until about six months from now.'" — Henrietta, Richmond, Virginia

10)•••••••••"I already have eight kids! What do you want from me?" — Rachael, Cleveland, Ohio

11)•••••••••"Because it's legal." — Ralph, East Brunswick, New Jersey

12)•••••••••"We felt the risks and side effects of an abortion were worth the story we'd be able to tell for years to come." — Brian and Shosu, Missoula, Montana

13)•••••••••"I had been impregnated by a black man. I had an abortion so my brothers and cousins wouldn't find out and lynch him."— Ashley, Waynesboro, Mississippi

14)•••••••••"I was born after a botched abortion, so my family is already a generation too old." — Zuni, Kalamazoo, Michigan

15)•••••••••"It was the hardest decision I ever had to make, but I didn't think I'd be able to afford cable with a kid." — Penelope, Las Cruces, New Mexico

16)•••••••••"When I got to high school, I was a total loser, no friends, terrible grades. I wasn't good at anything. But then I discovered that I was the most fertile girl in school. I had more abortions than any girl in my grade. Five! And this really gave me the confidence and sense of self-worth to graduate. Now I own my own business!" — Trina, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

17)•••••••••"Our families are both very healthy, but my wife didn't want to risk the slight possibility of our baby being retarded." — Doug, Chicago, Illinois

18)•••••••••"I wanted to keep the kid, but want in one hand, shit in the other, and see what gets filled first." — Thomas, Washington, D.C.

19)•••••••••"Why? Because abortion stops a beating heart."— Mary Janice, Kaiser, West Virginia

abort me mommy .org - The Official Web Site of the Pro-Abortion People of America

I didn't make this shit up. I know, I had the exact same reaction you just had.


sergeant fun said...

it's obviously a thinly disguised anti-abortion site. fucking lame and gross.

kranki said...

But if it is anti-abortion in disguise, wouldn't they be more political. Who are they swaying by trying to make light of the idea of abortion. It makes no sense. I think they just have really dark humor. The joke constructions on some are funny, but only because they are so ridiculous and exaggerated that it makes you so uncomfortable that you have to laugh or get mad.

kranki said...
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kranki said...
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kranki said...

Giggles what do you think? You have a love of truly dark humor. Honestly. Are some of these funny? Do you think that it's got a political adgenda behind the site? OR is it just a vehicle for nasty humor?

giggles said...
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giggles said...
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sergeant fun said...

yeah, i see the dark humor, but it does miss the boat a little bit. perhaps there is too serious a tone or something. even dark humor has a little bit of light. maybe that's what's missing.
what kind of class are you in, giggles?

giggles said...
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sergeant fun said...

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. just keep telling yourself that.

kranki said...

ZING! Giggles shares and apologizes and he gets sucker punched. I love it. Sarge is a big guy, but he's a proponent of womens' rights. How many confirmed kills do you have Sarge? I forgot.

sergeant fun said...

yeah, i am a huge hairy bear.

jiri said...

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