Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hedgehogs are Sellouts!

An open letter to Hedgehogs:

You and the Sea Otters are two of my favorite animals. I admired your cute little features and above all your integrity and disdain for materialism. This is why it pains me to see you chasing the almighty dollar. The monkey sold out long ago, so has the dog and the cat and almost every other animal under the sun. Talking pigs, hamsters, you name it they've all cashed in on movies and TV ads. But now you?! It breaks my heart to see one of the few animals left with integrity selling out to "the man."

You're better than that Hedgehogs. You're better than that.

Hedgehog Sellouts

Who will be the wind beneath my wings?

Fraught with Distraught,



sergeant fun said...

turtles are the answer.

giggles said...

What? I don't get it. Let me watch it again.

Oh! You think the hedgehogs are...and it's dirty...I see.

It's a sad day when we cannot celebrate the union of hedgehog and sponge, even in a thirty-second gangbang porno.

kranki said...

Save us turtles. Be strong in the face of temptation.