Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Boobie Trophy Photos - At Last!

Yes, dear readers, this is the coveted Boobie Prize of 2004, awarded to the lovely and talented Miss Anthrope for her impressive knowledge of Celebrity Mammoglandular endowment and breast slango (slang+lingo).

Sadly, skin-lovers, I know I promised you something racy, however, this isn't Miss Anthrope in the flesh. She is less silver and has somewhat larger breasts in person. But perhaps she'll be kind enough to give us a shot of her cool back tattoo. It is as aquatic as it is artistic. I would just like to say that the trophy was hand-made and features a fully-functional nipple on one cup as well as an aquatic theme. Proving once again that one man, a hot glue gun, several googly eyes and a bunch of colorful do-dads can truly make the world a better place.

Two cupscan make for one great trophy. So next time I promise you a prize, you know you could be getting one of a kind art work that will get you endless attention at your next cocktail party.

Yes. I am happily married and No, my wife, Penny, had no problem that I made this ornate bra award and sent it to some cool chick in New York who I hadn't even met. That, my dear readers, is the test of a truly secure marriage. In fact go ahead and wish me a happy one year anniversary - It's on the 19th of October.


kristine said...

happy anniversary.

and what exactly is this boobfest you're referring to? if it was just this complete-stranger-from-new-york's knowledge that earned her the prize, then that doesn't say too much for a secure marriage. because that just makes you a bit odd, not adulterous. if you were looking at pictures of boobs, then that is just a bizarre and faulty marriage.

either way, i'm sure you have neither, so happy a-day :)

kranki said...

My wife and I go to strip clubs. She doesn't like big greasy gay guys so we just go to female strip clubs. She's not uptight about that sort of thing. There is a link to a game called Guess her Bra size at - the quiz is fun but the site is pretty male juvenile.

Anonymous said...

I want a wife like that. Is your wife involved with anybody?

Miss Anthrope said...

i dont want my identity revealed, hence no picture of me wearing the actual boobie prize. but matilda is a nice model, no? she loves it. and really, my boobs arent that big at all. b cup.
happy anniversary guys!
and for all the doubters out there, yeah your wife rules! (hi e! hope all is well!) she was cool enough to come with kranki to meet not one, but two of us girls in new york!

kranki said...

Well, I get that excuse from a lot of the women I send decorative lingerie to. Matilda is hot. She should get her own blog. And It's a B+ I'd say!