Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jackass UK-Style

I love the Brits. I honestly do. However I think that they really need to drop the whole United Kingdom thing. What's united exactly? The name made sense back when you could honestly say that "The sun never sets upon the British Empire." If they haven't noticed they don't have much in the way of overseas territory or colonies any more. But I guess for that matter the United States isn't really all that united this election year.

It just about doesn't matter to me what a British persons says it's how they say it that counts. See I grew up watching Monty Python since I was this tall. (I'm holding my hand about three feet off the ground) So I just began to associate anything said with a British accent to Monty Python and therefore funny. As a result I can watch Merchant-Ivory film like Remains of the Day or something utterly depressing and just laugh. In a tragic moment in the film you might have a character say, "Doctor, you mean to say that I've got gangrene and I'm going to lose my legs?" That wouldn't normally be funny, but somehow with a British accent it'll make me giggle like a school girl on schrooms. I'm not always the ideal film companion to take to see a dramatic tear-jerker set in England. You see, according to my warped standards, My Left Foot was a comedy. Imagine if they were saying things in a funny voice that were actually funny too. Can you believe I still haven't seen a single episode of the Brit-comedy The Office?

Anyway this amused me all the more because the guy is British.

A Cunning Stunt

Yes I realize that if you swap the C and the S it's something entirely different. Maybe next post...

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...Or maybe not. Sorry kids.


Sherriff said...

Today I will mostly be admonishing you for having not seen the office.

The Office is a must. Must must must.

Must must must. Must.

Really. Must.

Hope all is well, you and Ms. Fits have approx. three weeks to outdo each other with submissions for my craptacular magazine.

mwah. x

red betty b said...

i feel sad that my every word cant make you laugh, seeing as it's typed. you'll just have to imagine. i sound English. like... eeerm... Jennifer Saunders, dahling.