Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I want to walk around on all fours and be massaged!

I want to die and come back as the puppy of a rich family. Not sometime in the future. I want to die and be a puppy now.

October 13, 2004

High on the Dog
We could learn a thing or two from our
They know how to keep things simple. Some kibble, some lovin', and a good tail-chasing session are pretty much all they need to make them happy.
Except, of course, in L.A.
Starting this week, as other pets around the world take pleasure in the little things, pooches in these parts will be living the luxe life. LA Dogworks, a new five-star dog mecca, aims to give your pooch what he never knew he needed: massage, hydrotherapy, and even spiritual enlightenment.
The mind-boggling facility includes a 2,500-square-foot indoor park (with a pressurized cleaning and draining system underneath, so there's no icky smell), a groom room with spa services and anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, and 24-hour dog security against pupnappers and other unsavory types. There's even an educational library (the Philippe Starck-inspired dog den), which is filled with books on holistic and traditional canine health-care needs. (They're for you, by the way, not your dog. They haven't come quite that far yet.)
Additional services include on-site training, as well as overnight and long-term boarding. There's a doggie valet, who will pick up and drop off your BFF, and, of course, there are personal shoppers to attend to all your doggie needs.
Two legs better than four? Not so much ...
LA Dogworks, 1014 North Highland Avenue, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Romaine Street, L.A. (323-461-5151 or


Mallrat said...

careful what you wish for kranki.
no matter how rich the family, you wil still be ramming your snout up some bitch's ass.

Steve Austin said...

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jon said...

I was searching for dog fence info and found this post. I agree totally!