Monday, October 04, 2004

Stop, Look and Listen.

This is a first for the Krankiboy Khronicles.

Yes, I'm actually giving you a link to a past blog. Why? It's not about me it's about you. I want to be sure that you fine cultured readers heard the Malcolm X Stamp audio. Drop a comment and let me know if you are able to access these audio clips. Some are just too special for you to miss. Plus this will be on the Midterm. Also no love on the Who's on your Rocket Post? I thought that would get you all jizzed and jazzed up. That's my phrase. You may use it, just don't be a prick and claim it for your own like some guy in Melbourne did to my Murder. Marry. Fight. Fuck! game. He claimed it as his own. The second I get off the plan in Australia and right after I spend three weeks getting into serious "better contact Interpol" type trouble with Ms. Fits, he's next on my Melbourne To Do list. As my dear friend Blake said. "You mess with one of the Fondudes and you get fon-dealt with!"

I have my District Field Supervisor coming tomorrow to observe how well I teach subtraction to fourth graders. Doesn't it sound terifically exciting. Like an early morning trip to your Dentist who hates you. When I have my degree and job, I have some choice words for my Graduate School. Most are four letter words some are hyphenated. But until I have my freedom I will suck it up and wear a lovely tie that accents the green in my eyes. Though I'd prefer to set some shit on fire to demonstrate the concept of subtraction. It would be exciting for the visual learners and I'd probably get nearly half of the class' attention.

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