Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Years Eve-nts

Penny and I brought some friends along to a decadent New Years Eve celebration at one of the nicest mansions in the city. I'm not Johnny mansion party but I've. A wonderful time was had by all and by all I mean everyone except my liver. I again drank to beyond the land of drunk and happy and well into the hey, I want to go out and Russian Dance in the middle of the dance floor. I then started taking pictures of random people and things with all the skill of brain-damaged infant. I'll have to post the masterpieces for your gazing pleasure.

Other highlights:

Strong Freeflowing drinks
Phyllis Diller was there.
It got to see several old work friends. Just the ones I liked were there.
Strong Freeflowing drinks
I got to wear a tiara and pulled off the look with manly and metrosexual panache.

We peer pressured the bartender into doing a shot with us we said we'd say he was rude to the guests if he didn't toss one back.

I met somebody's Uncle Bob and we hugged and drank tequila shots. Maybe it was your Uncle Bob? If so, your Uncle is as friendly as he is sweaty.

Several men drooled over the gorgeous Mrs. Krankiboy. One turned to me and said "damn, I wonder who gets to go home with that?" I proudly said that she was MY wife, but he didn't believe me. I was going to get her to confirm my story, but I was thwarted by the freeflowing drinks.

A dessert spread fit for the gods.

Somebody, probably my wife, drove me home and instructed me to take our two dogs out. I pushed the autopilot button and the dogs ran out as I wandered after them holding not a leash or a poop bag, but a camera. I felt spiritually compelled to take several pictures of them in the rain. I realized the camera had been out of batteries since we left the party. But I bet those would have been some magical dogs-peeing-on-a-tree-at-night-in-the-rain-photos. It's hard to capture art when you're wasted.


Torn_ said...

I would have loved to see those photos!!! They would have been irrelevant yet whimsical...

kranki said...

I feel that being irrelevant yet whimsical is why I was put on this earth. I'll have to get plastered and recreate a drunken collection of my photography prowess.