Monday, January 17, 2005

Be My Guest

You are cordially invited to Krankiboy & Krumpets.

Please be my virtual guest on Friday the 21st from 2pm to 3pm (Melbourne Time) that's Thursday at 7pm to 8pm (California Time) Just go to the bottom of my blog and click on the chat room coffee cup thing at the appropriate time.

I have no idea who will show up, but all are welcome. With the collective brain power of the people I have the intense pleasure of knowing* you can be assured that somebody will say something brilliantly vulgar, thus making the whole international nerdventure worth your valuable time. Think of it as my belated international birthday mixer.

Please RSVP to so I can put you on the A List and send you a reminder.

*Knowing doesn't necessarily mean knowing in the biblical sense but it might.


fluffy said...

bah! i'll be at (not internetted) work.

Desci said...

Bah! Doing a 1-5 shift that day. Bah!

Not that my crappy laptop'd be able to keep up with the conversation in real time, anyway. Serves me right for getting a computer that's powered by a rat on a wheel. Double bah.

Buck Fudd said...

Sadly, I own The World's Most Constipated Computer. Although I could go fully tragic and become one of those cocks who mumble and laugh to themselves in internet cafes. This once.

Burnt Karma said...

Count me in - and yeah, I'll need a reminder.

kranki said...

The RSVPs are coming in. I'll remind all y'all who can pop on by.

Mallrat said...

Now there's a blogname -

good one, Buck