Friday, January 07, 2005


Internet Show and Tell

More random pictures...

That is some very legible graffitti. Is that the correct British spelling of bastard?

AMERICA is on it's way down the shitter at warp speed. Everybody says support the troops. Support our troops. I'd love to, but I can't. I can feel bad for the troops. Maybe the troops don't know any better. But they invaded a country and are killing people. How are we supposed to win this war? It's Vietnam without the pretty jungle. It's enough to make you yearn for World War 2, those troops I'd support. At least the wealthy people who manufacture bombs, weapons and ammunition are having a good year. More champagne?

When I think about him I touch myself.

Don't you love art? Art is just so... artistic.

There is no higher honor for a freedom fighter than having his bust placed on an ashtray.

This is from a Japanese manual on love making from the 50's. Are those little black arrows erotic or what?

Australian Dog food Print Ad.

What the fuck is TTN room Odoriser?

This is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I hear she's got a serious fettish for bloggers.

I adore this man, pale knees and all. He too has a blogger fettish.

Photo by D. Boud

Don't worry guys Chubby Chaser Cove is just three miles down the road.

Hooters has gotten really lax with their hiring practices. They must have really good hot wings to still be in business.

A Magical Evening Awaits

Sweet Baby Jesus. Comic books have gotten so tame. Everywhere you look it's Nuns, nuns, nuns.

Okay take a look at this guy. I can't tell what he's doing.

Perhaps he's making a gang sign?

Or doing a shadow puppet demo?

Maybe it's that thing that 9 year-olds do where they link hands and peek inside to make it look like a vagina.

I don't quite get the white trash pride thing. Kid Rock on with your sweet mullet!

Get it. Contents Really Hot! It's a pun.

At my Starbucks the hottest person there is this big Samoan dude with a hair lip named Omar. Is she going to get naked and pour that piping hot coffee on her chest?

"No, dude, you're out of touch. Sha Na Na is still on the cutting edge."

WTF is Open Sports Aerobics? I do like the little kitty kat braids.

Sometimes... to find true love... it takes three.

Well put. I wish somebody would spray paint this on the White House. I actually have no idea what this links to if anything.

All publicity is good publicity. It's good to see husbands taking pride in what they do.

Can you flee a "democracy" for poitical asylum?

I agree with Sean Penn when he said (about the Bush administration) "I never thought I'd be sitting here missing Richard Nixon."

Some guys just look good in anything.

"Ma'am, may I give you a hand with those grocer-AAAHHHHZzZzZzZz."
"Good shot, Mommy! Can we bring him home to add to my Daddy collection?
"I'm sure we can make room in the man pit."

Stress Relief for those who are tired of meditation and drugs. Go ahead. Knock yourself out!

I would not want to be this guy's tattoo artist. Too many hard to reach nooks and crannies. What kind of small talk do you make when you're inking the skin around somebody's anus?

D. Boud photo

"Yee-hah! I got your seperation of Church and State right here!"

"Hmmm... Should I wear my denim shirt or my denim shirt?"

I'm pretty sure there's a law against wearing a belt buckle that's bigger than your entire head.

Now, to end on an up note.

Fizzli! I just know my wife would be willing if it was with her. Keep hope alive!

Ooopsie. I must have accidentally posted this twice. Dang. Sop that shiznat up with a biscuit yo! Who is this model?

Yes, I know. I'm such a twisted freak. Oh, if only I were rich, then I'd be considered colorful and eccentric.

Your turn to internet Show and Tell.


Sherriff said...

Maybe that room deodoriser isn't spelt with two t's but the sign for Pi. Which would make it Pi-n. Mmmm.

I'm not sure which is nerdier, the fact that some FREAK actually would've done that, or the undeniably sad fact that I thought of it.

I am such a square root.

fluffy said...

Not a bad call sherriff, you GEEK!!! I can't help but wonder if "room odoriser" is the opposite of a deodoriser: to whit, it makes a room malodorous. Also, the N is (sort of) between the Ts so maybe it's TNT. A stink bomb perhaps.

I saw that 'bombing for peace grafitti" today. It's off Smith St in good ole Fitzroy.

fluffy said...

PS my birthday next!

incognita said...

Is it just me or is there a direct correlation between belt buckle size and idiocy??

Leif said...

Bang on the money, incognito. It's called the bigot principle: B x I = R where B is the mass of the belt buckle, I is the person's IQ and R is the redneck number. R was previously thought to be constant, but is now thought to vary inversely with G, the number of guns owned.

kranki said...

Sheriff, I don't think you're a geek. I just think you have some sick and twisted bad pun fettish. TT-N = PINE. Oh, wait, then yeah, you are a geek. Don't worry we can still spoon.

Incognito & Leif: Thank you for pushing science forward. I will do some field research the next time I'm in Texas. It might be a while.

Pricey said...

Kranki, sorry man, but I've lived down under for twenty three years now and I've never heard of a brand of dog food called "Black Label Butch".

I'm afraid we can't take the credit for that one... by my estimation any ad that used the word "pussy" as much as that one would probably get banned in OZ, which is of course, a crying shame.

Desci said...

Lovely photos... says the sodawater I snorted through my nose while laughing. Gold.

Happy Belated Bday, BTW xoxo

You've Got What I Need... said...

What in the devil is the Horned one doing to that naughty naked nun (NNN)? Although, I must admit, they look like they're having a fine sinful go of it.

Carry on, Kranki.

This Show and Tell completely beats that last great S&T I was privy to. I'll never fall for the ol' "Come sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas little girl" line again. What a racket! I didn't even get an iPod like I was promised, and I was even a very good girl! Geeze, I tell ya! Some people eh'?

Men in costumes who talk about themselves in the third person are SUSPECT, but your Show and Tell is one hell of a snickering good time.