Saturday, January 15, 2005


Okay, I couldn't make the Melbourne Grog Blog. I would have had such a magnificent hangover (a.k.a. great time meeting everybody).

So can we set a time and date that a bunch of you (you know who you are) can visit my chat room so I can host a virtual gathering (bottom of my blog page) and I can be entertained by you? Great? When?

What time is good for you? Yes, you? And what time is that in California Time?

Buy me a cyber lobster dinner and some cyber vodka drinks and virtually anything could happen. Sizzle!

Really what date & time should we set it for.



fluffy said...

3am california is 10pm melbourne so we're 19 hours ahead... I'll do a California Melbourne time conversion chart because I can't get my tiny brain around the time difference.


fluffy said...

let's try that again without hitting "publish"...

midnight 5am
1am 6am
2am 7am
3am 8am
4am 9am
5am 10am
6am 11am
7am noon
8am 1pm
9am 2pm
10am 3pm
11am 4pm
noon 5pm
1pm 6pm
2pm 7pm
3pm 8pm
4pm 9pm
5pm 10pm
6pm 11pm
7pm midnight
8pm 1am
9pm 2am
10pm 3am
11pm 4am

Paul said...

Cyber lobster!? Do they cyber scream when you put them into the cyber water?

Sherriff said...

Yes! We must! Fits will be be-cyber-self!

*insert sound of crickets here*

fluffy said...

along came a spider and sat down be-cyber...

kranki said...

You two should be ashamed. You will both be punished. See, I stooped to your level and now I feel dirty, dirty!