Monday, January 24, 2005

Sun. Good. Oil. Bad.

So apparently a solar panel this big is large enough to generate more than enough power for the entire planet. I'm all for that Idea but I'd just like to put it smack in the middle of the United States. In fact let's not even tell the folks Midwest what we're planning. It would also make a kick ass place to make the world's largest omelet. Fuck now I feel obligated to go and google World's Largest Omelet. How do I get myself into these situations. Isn't google just a fantastic verb? Does anybody know what city in Australia that near? I don't want to have to look that up too.


fluffy said...

there isn't really a capital city near your big solar panel there kranki. i think the panel would shade most of bruce's sheep station and a bit of kev's as well on the eastern side. i don't think they'll mind if you chuck a few tinnies their way.

Hippo said...

Australia? I think there is a big rock...not cock... somewhere there that people pay big money to view and climb. Can the panel float with dive boards around the edges?

Dr. H.O. Potamus

kranki said...

A Floating Panel would not accomplish the goal of both supplying envirnmentally friendly power and crushin the Midwest United States. But I guess we could put some water wings on it.