Monday, January 24, 2005

Since You Didn't Ask...

In one of the downtown windows, local historian Roy Richards has compiled an intensive inclusive history of the egg, complete with photos, memoribilia, and souvenirs. One of the best images is from the 1931 Farmers-Merchants Picnic where an 8-foot wide frying pan was brought in from Long Beach (see related page) for the egg festival. Thora Lindner greased the World's Largest Frying Pan with bacon slabs strapped to her feet, and an enourmous omlet was made in the pan. According to the newspaper article, accounts of the number of eggs used in the omelet vary betwen 7,200 and 10,000.

Thai cooks go for world's biggest omelette November 16, 1997Web posted at: 4:08 p.m. EST (2108 GMT)
BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) -- It was an egg whip-up of giant proportions when over 1,000 cooks with nearly 500 assistants broke 20,999 eggs in an attempt to make the world's largest omelette.
Saturday's event in Chachoengsao province, east of Bangkok, was aimed at promoting egg consumption in Thailand and was sponsored by the Red Cross.
As the 1,100 housewife cooks reached for the big pan, the recipe was no secret:
1,500 kilograms (3,300 pounds) of eggs
1,100 liters (260 gallons) of vegetable oil
31.5 liters (8.2 gallons) of fish sauce
8 liters (2 gallons) of lemon juice
The stirred eggs were sprayed into a giant-size frying pan from a total of 140 hoses.


You've Got What I Need... said...

Hoses sprayed the eggs? How boring.

Were there at least some Thai stippers (hot men ones and hot girl ones) geeting egg sauced in the pan?

Now that would be an omelet worth pashing, and it would also explain your interest in omelets.

Beyond that, you've got me.

sergeant fun said...

eggs make me gassy.

Mallrat said...

one very sore beating hand, then