Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I give up.


I find that headline very hard to believe.

1) Aliens? Where's the proof?
2) Lesbians? Were they grinding on each other?
3) Okay let's say they were getting all girl-on-girl lovey dovey-- it could just be that they were experimenting.
4) Even if they ate your hamster, that could just be some sorotity hazing thing.
5) And if they were lustful, animal-eating aliens I doubt that they split the hamster in two and then ate it. Not much of a meal after travelling all this way to Earth and then rubbing scrub brushes into a hot moist lather.

Grandpa was always soo proud of his kitchen cabinets.

Wait, I think I know where the hamster is hiding.


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Gimp!

ms fits said...

That picture gives me a wide-on.

la nadine said...

oh fits darling, what doesn't?

Desci said...

well, in all fairness, they are nice looking cabinets.

Bryan said...

At first glance I thought grandpa was crazy but nie I can see he's nuts.

kranki said...

Yeah Fits, what doesn't give you a wide-on? Your turn offs? Besides Liberal Aussie Politicking?

ms fits said...

Um. I don't much care for Rodney Dangerfield movies, if that counts.

la nadine said...


there goes the birthday present i got you, fits.

i hope kmart exchanges.

Burnt Karma said...

I am always disturbed when I come here.
Guess I should put a lock on the door then.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think Ladybugs (where he coaches the girls soccer team to victory) had it's moments and Back to School was a winner. How about the climactic scene at the big Diving COmpetition?

Okay I have a real Rodney Dangerfield anecdote. My former writing partner J, was invited to meet Rodney when she was doing stand up comedy clubs on the road. When she got back to the dressing room he was snorting lines of coke and looked wired out of his fucking mind. He also had his big stinky bare feet up on the table and was absentmindedly putting foot powder on them. He got a phone call and was distracted, put the container of foot powder away and put his feet down. A minute later he was off the phone. He looks down at the table sees the the white powder cuts it into a line and snorts up a big fat inhale of foot powder. Magical.