Monday, January 03, 2005

Phyllis Diller Sighting!

(Comedian Phyllis Diller pictured above (right)

My sources have uncovered the following rumor.

I just report the stories. I cannot confirm or deny Diller's skill as a "Cork Thriller." Cork Thriller? How very odd. That doesn't even make sense? Maybe it's supposed to say "Sock" Thriller and the letter "S" is just cut off. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe even better.


Le Driver said...

Whatever she thrills, that polar-bear fur coat is killer.

Jellyfish said...

She's a cock thriller, right?

kranki said...

Jellyfish, that's simply crass. Phyllis may polish a mean meat-sicle, but that's no reason to resort to crude statements about her ability to work a fuck sword into a hot jizzy lather.

Seriously. Language. This is a children's blog.

Buck Fudd said...

It clearly says Cort, as in Bud Cort, the star of Harold and Maude. Mystery solved: she's into pleasuring wrinkly chasers.