Monday, December 20, 2004

Virtually Sexy and Utterly Twisted

I love the comedy of Text-to-speech converters! Why is that? Well, follow these steps and you'll see. It's quite simple and very worthwhile. Send me your own writing that I can convert.

1) Don't read the faded text below. Just copy it.

2) Click HERE

3) Now paste the text in the box to the left where it says "enter text."

4) Select Audrey (UK) from the voice choices on the right.

5) Press "Say It!" Wait a few seconds and then turn your speakers way up.

COPY the faded text BELOW - Don't read it, just paste it.

I like that. Yeah! Fuck me hard daddy. All the way! Fuck me deep! Yes yessss yesss. Oh I'm gonna pop! Don't stop. I need your beefy man-cream down deep in my wet, hot, pussy. I want you to pound me, raw. Raw and hard! oh. Oh! OH!!! I can feel your man juice filling me up. So good. You fuck harder than my sister with a strap on. Ram that shit in. Ram it in Baby! Yessss! You're bruising my liver and I love it. Fuck me until my ears bleed. Aahhh. Oh God, yes! Okay, I'm done. Let's order some chinese food. I'll put a chop stick up your arse for dessert!


Anonymous said...

It's the look on her face when she's finished saying it that gets me off, though.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I also had her say the words to the hokey pokey and I had her say for schizzle my nizzle. It was sweet. Who needs a real girlfriend now that I have a cyber chick to say all the dirty dirty I need?


kranki said...

I'll try the gangsta words. Glad you enjoyed yourself. There are a few things real womyn can do for you that the cyber chick can't. Maybe when you're older you'll understand.

MelbLefty said...

lol. I will spend some time this afternoon thinking of other diabolical things to get her to say.


kranki said...


If you get something good do share it with the rest of the class.

ANTI-ROVE said...

this is great stuff kranki