Monday, December 20, 2004

Miss Plastic Surgery!

China's economy has started to boom in the urban areas. Income has increased so naturally once you have this increased wealth you're going to want to run right out and have your face and body surgically altered. Personally I don't even think that there's any urgent need for little girls to rush out and get their ears pierced. I see people who have little babies with earrings. Was that the babies idea? Probably not. This news story made me a bit angry and a bit ill. You know the world is spinning off it's axis when even the Communists are getting selfish and vain. Whatever happened to the glory of equality and harmonious communism?

China crowns Miss Plastic Surgery!

I imagine there are some other great pageants that we could put together. I'm sure it won't be long before we see The Miss Chicks with Dicks Pageant.

Wwhat if it were to become more fashionable or more aesthetically pleasing to have only one eye. I'm sure that there will be some "doctor" with laser scalpel in hand who'd be delighted to remove that pesky second eye and relocate the remaining eye into the middle of your forehead for that new and sexy Cyclops look. I thought things were out of hand here in L.A. but Christ on Crispy Fried Rice, China has got us beat by a mile. The real fun will start when these surgically "improved" people start having children who aren't as beautiful as they are. I hope little Kay-Yung-Soo doesn't miss too much kindergarten while she's recovering from her nose job surgery.

I'm feeling queasy and I'm now going to search ebay to see if anybody has put their conjoined twin up for auction.

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