Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cheezy McWheezy

It was really exciting to get this card and newsletter in the mail from Bob & Erika Clarke! They are so thoughtful to have put together the family photo card and newsletter and send one to me. It feels good to be included.

A New Baby?! I had no idea Erika was even pregnant. And if you look above you can see that they handwrote in the nickname they made up for me. Cheezy McWheezy!

Yes, sometimes I can come across as a bit jaded, it's true. But it's always great to hear from dear friends and family during the holiday season. Who doesn't love learning that a newborn baby has become part of the family? It's must be an exciting thing to experience bringing a new life into the world. Isn't little baby Zane just adorable? Well, I guess that makes me a proud... nothing. Because I have never, seen these people before in my life. I have absolutely no idea who they are. This card & letter just showed up specifically addressed to me. Weird. So, from now on I'm going to make it a Holiday tradition and write to the Clarke Clan every Christmas and on Zane's birthday. Those zany Clarkes. What'll they be up to next?

Merry Christmas Everybody
Love, Cheezy McWheezy!

P.S. My next Post will be on January 1st, 2005 (That's Jan 2nd if you're in Australia)

P.P.S if you look at the bottom of my blog page you'll see I added a chat room. Come by for a visit in 2005!


Jess said...


I just squealed laughing out loud. Which made me sound like a jovial swine being killed, but that's another story altogether. I love the Clarks!

la nadine said...

merry xmas, mac daddy cheese!!!

i'll miss you while you're gone. although i'm planning a brief blog hiatus myself.

as promised, there'll be photos in your inbox soon after you return.


Jeremy said...

Hi Krankiboy

M*lbourneLefty is gone because J*remy's employers found his blog and objected to certain aspects of it, which can't be elucidated publicly. J apparently can't publish any more on that blog, including any new comments, as they're watching for them.

However, shortly after ML went offline, a new blog appeared, at

Some people have seen some similarity between these two blogs, although I certainly wouldn't admit to it publicly over the web.

You might want to come across & have a look. If you email me, I might be able to explain more about what happened. I may or may not know this J person.


Burnt Karma said...




Kranki and the Krankettes

There once was a blogger called Kranki
Said "Come to my site, bring a hanky."
Showed a bunch of girls kiss
Guised as "Please rate their bliss."
Sent a dozen fans off on a wankee..