Sunday, December 12, 2004

There's no such place as Australia!

Along with not believing in Santa I was also pretty sure that kangaroos were probably made up too. Who could trust what an adult told you after being lied to with all that Santa Claus bullshit. Fuck them, they got me once with the North Pole Crap so I wasn't about to buy into this Land Down Under Australia nonsense. And for several years I had serious doubts about Australia with its funny talking people and weird-ass Koala Bears and Dingos? The hell is a dingo? Go sell your story to some other sucker kid. I simply wasn't buying it.

Well, if I had any lingering notions that Australia was only as real as Atlantis or the Easter Bunny all doubt has been removed. I received not 1 but 2 packages from Australia this week. So to all of you kids who are reading this blog (scary thought) Australia is REAL and THAT kiddies is where the Christmas Elves live. The Elves sent me a lovely gift package. Sure, I could tell you what was in the package, but let's just suffice it to say you couldn't walk in and buy what was in my package at any store in the US of A. It is some good shit! Thank you Elves!


tealou said...

Lemme guess.

Someone sent you Tim Tams.

sugar and spice said...

there's no such thing as Australia?

there's no such thing as Santa?

wha...? well. gee. i feel lost and empty. where am i and wherever i am who are all the red garbed men with beards?

red betty b said...

You can totally get Timtams in the States! Australia Fair, it's a shop just off Post and Taylor in San Francisco..
naah, this stuff was totally special. i'm jealous..