Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hath I offended thee?

Well Then! It has come to my (rather limited) attention that certain people, who shall remain nameless, have been offended by some of my recent posts. I always, always, always do my best to adhere strictly to the standards set forth by The Pope about proper blogging etiquette. If I think something is questionable or possibly in poor taste I look to Jesus. I think out loud to myself... "What would Jesus think? What would Jesus do?" Then I get a large glass of water, pour it out "magically" turning the water into wine. Then I drink it and like a true miracle the worry melts away. In this case I'm just gonna stay the course, fight the good fight and ask that you always be prepared to be offended when you visit my blog. Point of fact I was actually putting the finishing touches on a blog post entirely about disturbing images and was scouring the net for truly foul pictures, but in light of the fact that these rather tame posts are getting panties wadded into a bunchy knot I will refrain.

Wait, no, I won't. I'll have something very nasty in store for the first post of the new year. There are so many eerie and gross images, that I'm having a difficult time selecting them and putting them in order of repulsiveness.

This post has been endorsed and blessed by his Grand Holiness using fresh, pure Vatican spring water. I think somebody should snaz up the Popemobile and Pimp out that ride so that his eminence has a tight, and kick-ass set of wheels.


tealou said...

Dont ask yourself "What Would Jesus Do?" Ask yourself "What Would Téa Do?"

Jesus is too high a benchmark. Try me first and work your way up to Jesus.


kranki said...

Okay then, what would you do, Tea? And were you offended?

Praise our savior, Tealou! Glory be onto Tea!

kranki said...

Actually, the Jesus Rocks Nads site I linked to (Click on "What would Jesus Do?") is PRETTY NASTY! I think I'll go wash my eyes out with soap like a good little soldier of the Lord.