Friday, December 17, 2004

Scientific Study or Shameless Blog Ratings Ploy?

Girls #1

Much like an inkblot test you can learn a great deal about a person from the type of pictures they respond to most strongly.

Take a look at each picture. How does it make you feel. Which one did you find yourself most fascinated by?

Girls #2

Girls #3

Girls #4

Girls #5

Girls #6

Girls #7

Girls #8

Girls #9

Girls #10

Girls #11

Girls # 12

Girls # 13

And... Girls #14

Remember, this is all in the name of Science. So, cast your vote now. Otherwise I've wasted both my time and yours with these frivolous pictures. Kindly comment on which is your favorite picture and why.


Hippo said...

In this order: 1, 10, and 14. I ranked these from a purely technical standpoint with the only criteria being that the portrait portrayed a sense of of the true loving feeling. The others looked kinda stiff and made me think that they were thinking: "Brittany did it with Madonna, and it seems to be cultural mainstream, and mainstream hipness is important even if I'm not really into it." If Madonna and Brittany ate shit would these girls? If jessica Simpson copulated with a Hippo, would my future change?

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Anonymous said...

I was most drawn to picture # 3. I don't know why. I guess I just like it because it puts an image to the "wanting more" feeling.

You've Got What I Need... said...

What a funny coincidence Kranki! I went to school with those girls, and a more genuine group of lassies you'll never meet. wow. I remember that "Dirty Dancing" slumber party in the 7th grade, when Jennifer and Kim got that lovin' feeling. Good times. Good times. It's impossible for me to pick a favorite picture though, because of all the BACK stories I'm privy to. I mean, I totally remember that one school dance when we all tied up our shirts below our milk makers and made-out school-girl style... "memories... of the way we were." I think I just shed a tear. No, wait that was me tounge kissing another chick. I get the two confused sometimes. (giggle, giggle)

la nadine said...

you're a pathetic predictable pervert, krankiboy.

and i'm going with #14. takes me back to high school.

Burnt Karma said...

Nah. They all looked posed. Especially the ones where the girls are looking at the camera, just like any shots of Bennifer kissing when they were together.

Angry said...

#9 for me.

But they all seem staged for the camera.


ms fits said...

I can't choose between 2, 3 and 4. I think I will need more time alone with them before I decide.

Buck Fudd said...

You didn't get any further than No. 4 Fits?

Put me down for 2, 3, 4, 10 & 14. Then 3 again. Then 14 again. Then 2.

Anonymous said...

i'll go with 2, 13 and 14. can i cast minus points for the poseurs in 6?


Desci said...

Number 8 Number 8 Number 8.

It's gone straight to the spankbank.

sugar and spice said...


i think because they look like they're enjoying it not so much because the camera is there, but because they're there. hopless romantic.

and #3 because it's saucey

kranki said...

So the voting thus far is as follows:

Picture 1 - 1 vote
Picture 2 - 4 votes
Picture 3 - 5 votes
Picture 4 - 3 votes
Picture 6 - (negative 1) vote
Pictures 5,7,11 & 12 - Zip
Picture 8 - 3 votes
Picture 9 - 1 vote
Picture 10 - one vote
Picture 13 - 2 votes
Picture 14 - IN THE LEAD with 6 votes

Vote as often as you like.
The Scientific Community thanks you for your participation.

mik said...

2 - for the outstanding mammories
3 - for the red sweater
5 - for the dope poster
8 - for the tie
10 - for the back of the neck fondling
13 - for the beads

so i guess i'm after a doped out, red sweater, beads and tie wearing chick with great tits and a gentle fondling hand. i no complain.

Pricey said...

#1 3 - Gotta love a girl trying to get into another girl's pants
#2 2 - These two girls are great by themselves, fantastic together
#3 8 - Thanks for the mammaries

MelbLefty said...

1, 8 and 3. And I can't believe I participated in this.

Anonymous said...

Like most good erotic thing its the subtly suggestive rather than the obviously sexual which fascinates.. e.g. nipple showing through net top in #1, hand possibly sliding into jean opening..disheveled aqua top hidden but appearing to have been pushed above breast of #3, downblouse view in #12..
I choose # 3!!

Trixy said...

I'd have to say that three is my favorite... but that's probably because I love to tease my girl in the exact same way, although we look a lot hotter than those two ;)