Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Whatever you do... DON'T name it.

It's starting to look less likely that I got the teaching job that I wanted very badly. I even put on my fancy suit and put product in my hair and spoke articulately and passionately and thoughtfully and I limited myself to one swear word per sentence. Perhaps I'll start a new life. Ideally it would be in a galaxy far, far away. It's all just too much to think about.

With Penny hitting me in the back of the head with a shovel it's been hard to get my mind clear enough to make any decisions.

What do I do with this little black Chihuahua pup that my dogs found hiding behind the recycle bins? He's here and he's offering me 6lbs and 2 ounces of unconditional love but 3 dogs without a yard for them to romp in is difficult and my dogs get a bit jealous and depressed if they don't get enough attention. It's easy to juggle two balls but three takes some effort. I'm leaning towards giving him away but right now I need all the friends I can find. I really want to give him away if it's a friend or somebody where I can visit him. He's a cool little dude, good personality, likes to cuddle. I think I made the crucial mistake of naming him. You'd think I would've learned my lesson about forming attachments but I still went ahead and named him 8-ball.

I know exactly just how he feels.

He's adjusting fairly well considering the recent traumatic experience of being abandoned by the people he loves and becoming lost in a big strange world.

Fortunately little 8-ball is adapting to his new situation even better than I am.


Anonymous said...

you have lots of friends in australia.
how come you always find lost dogs? every second post it seems. i'm wondering if it's actually some kind of long running joke or metaphor that i'm not getting.

love from random australian.

MelbourneGirl said...

yeah chin up there kranki. times can get really tough but just keep going. it'll be alright.
didn't you say something about a holiday in australia sometime soon?

BEVIS said...

Yeah, come Down Under and see if your luck changes! (No innuendo there, please - do you think we haven't heard them all?)

You can have a Spa Party and see if anything comes up. (Innuendo permitted there.)

You have so many Aussie friends (as Random Australian - close relative of Random Task from Austin Powers - pointed out), that you certainly won't be lonely down here.

And you can play a game we like to play down here but don't usually tell Americans about: Prank call a bomb theat in to an American airport!

It's a classic. You just mix yourself a drink, make the phone call, sit back, watch the overnight news, and laugh yourself silly! You'll love it.

PS - Sneak the dog on your flight in your carry-on luggage, wait until take off, then pretend to 'find' it in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Demand to know what the steward's going to do about it.

kranki said...

Dear Random Australian, I really have found another dog. Or rather my dogs found it.

While "The Wizard" was a metaphor the dogs are just actual dogs.

thank you for the xo

kranki said...

Yes, I'd love to run down under. The other side of the world and friends sound lovely.