Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The End is Near!!!


BEVIS said...

Depends who's winning, doesn't it?

(And does the packet of food near the Pope's foot say 'Poops'?? You Americans are weird!)

Anna A Spades said...

I'm still deciding whether the corn chips packet intentionally reads 'fag'.

Buck Fudd said...

Clearly, Satan will win. First, his arm and shoulder muscles are more developed = more hours spent gaming = better. Second, the Pope's awkwardly trying to keep that penis substitute between his legs propped up.

Tuppence said...

I'm trying to figure out where Anna got 'fag' from.

Anna A Spades said...

The cornchips packet in the centre, with the red writing on it, near Satan's left (not our left) foot.

Sure when you look at it sideways (i.e. when the packet is upright and your head is tilted to the right) it seems to read "Old [blurred other words]" But if you look at it the right way (i.e. when the packet is sideways and your head is upright) and squint a bit it really looks like "FAG".

I'd like to add I got glasses less than a month ago, so it could just be me.

Tuppence said...

My God, you're so right.

Those glasses really have made a difference. Well done you.

PS - Mother says you look really cute in them, too.

Sherriff said...

My house is much cleaner than what it seems. As for the pash, I'm not really sure, let's just take it as it comes.

kranki said...

It does say 'FAG.' Don't you guys have Faggot Crisps in Australia?

They're gaylicious and leave a musky flavor in your mouth.

Hey y'all where is the good quality porn on the web. My future ex-wife isn't putting out anymore and I need to get back in tip top shape.

A big hearty thanks.