Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hey Australia, let's spoon!

I only pray that the Australians enjoy me half as much as the Germans love their Beloved Hasselhoff.

I'm on my way out the door.



I am on my way to the airport.


Ukulele said...

Mr Kranki, we Australians love The Hoff as much as the Germans.

All signs point to Ja.

fluffy said...

Let's spoon like baboons on a honeymoon in June.

See you soon xxx

Desci said...

You have fun now, y'hear? xo

My word verification is 'autkig' so have as much fun as an autistic kid with something shiny. If they like shiny things.

kranki said...

Yes, we do like shiny things. I'm an excellent, excellent driver. 256 tooth picks.

cybele malinowski said...

all you gotta do is flaunt around the beach, saving hottt semi-naked dames in distress, release a few top 30 hits in germany (..limbo high, limbo low, everybody doing the limbo...!), pash pammy lee, in a fatherly way, and comb your chest hair religiuosly, and you dear kranki will have the key to the city, and to any aussie girls bedroom

cant wait to meet you. Xx

Jess said...

Margaret: So far I have found Krankiboy In Australia to be a delightful experience. While there was a lot of hype regarding the Antipodean release of Mr Kranki, it would seem that the excitement was justified. I give him five stars. David?

David: It's not often I agree with you, woman, but on this topic I am forced to concur. Krankiboy's natural gifts with hand-puppets, not to mention all-round wonderful temperament, leads me to believe that Krankiboy in Australia could be the release of the year. Five stars.