Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween in LA 2005

Halloween had always been my favorite holiday. It's pagan, you dress up, you drink too much, you get to ride in a cab, people let their guard down, you get to see cool costumes... And best of all even the reserved young women will dress up in "naughty" costumes. Naughty Nurses, Ninjas, Cheerleaders, Devils, Angels, Construction Workers, Bankers, French Maids, Firewomen... This year I even saw a woman dressed up as Naughty Avian Bird Flu. At first she claimed she was just Avian Bird Flu, but I explained that Avian Bird flew doesn't have cleavage and black short shorts. And it seems to be getting more scandalous each year. On Halloween people here just flat out want attention and exposed flesh is a quick way to get it.

I was going to blog about how I met Penny on Halloween five years ago and I could go into more detail but who really wants to hear me get all nostalgic for happier times? I certainly don't. I think I'll look forward to happier times.

So I don't know what to do with myself tonight. I already went out and did the party hopping costume thing on Saturday night. Plus my head is clogged up with "nostalgia."

I remember now. You know those people who come in costume and get a bit too caught up playing the character or person they are dressed as? Those people need to relax. It's cool for somebody dressed as Jesus to introduce themselves in character but after a few minutes pass it's not cool to start shouting about how you are going to turn the hot tub water into wine.


BEVIS said...

You've been tagged.

(Because I love you.)

(Ewwww ...)

MelbourneGirl said...

dear mr krankiboy

please to accept my condolences re: your sad times. i hope you find happiness and no more wizards.



kranki said...

thanks kids. I demand a refund.

MelbourneGirl said...

refund for what?

kranki said...

the last five years of my life.

BEVIS said...


I don't think you kept your receipt on that one, buddy.

Plus, the warranty was a strictly FOUR year warranty, so I'm sorry - you're on your own.

Maybe gettin' into that meme I tagged you on will help take your mind off things? Should there be a special rule for you on having no more than five sad things on the list, or no references to Penny or the wizard? I dunno, something to help make things cheerier.

MelbourneGirl said...

listen kranki. can i call you that? can i be bossy with you, even though i don't know you? you are hurting there, i know it. i was married to the wrong man for double the length of time you are talking about. now, i'm not trying to do a monty python-type "my whole family lived in a box, in the road" "at least you had a BOX, you had it GOOD, i lived in a HOLE in the road" thing. but you will come out of this, you really will. i know this doesn't help. but people are thinking about you, and care.

BEVIS said...

Not me! I'm just interested in having my meme tag completed.

Oh, okay. *grumblegrumble* For what it's worth, Kranki, we love you and we're thinking of you (but not in a yucky way).

MG, I don't think Kranki'll know the Monty Python sketch you're quoting. I may be wrong of course, but he may not even know who-or-what Monty Python is.

MelbourneGirl said...

yeah i thought that bevis, but still went ahead. i thought it was a good parallel.

oh well.


BEVIS said...

And well done to you for going with your gut instinct!!

Don't get all 'resigned' on me! Just when you're starting to break new ground!!

Hey, you know what this blog needs?

Some Kranki!