Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The details of Meredith have been hazy at best. What should I expect to find there? I want to make sure I pack properly.


Peter said...

You should expect rock and roll music, beer in cans, drugs, hot/cold weather, possible violent storms, mud/dust, dunlop volleys, infectious goodwill.

Bring: clothes for very hot weather, clothes for very cold weather, clothes for very wet weather, a hat, a wristband, a chair, sunglasses, softcore pornography (for quiet moments), beer in cans, drugs, an esky (okay, a cooler or whatever the fuck they call it over there), barbecue shapes, dunlop volleys, infectious goodwill.

See you there.

daniel said...

You're going to Meredith?! So jealous. You can be like i was last year, a fresh faced babe in the woods, being corrupted in the best possible way by your festival companions.

kranki said...

Peter: Look for me there I will be the one wearing a "Now Open" sign that I recently found on the street. Or perhaps the sign will be on the back of the krankivan.

Daniel: Dear boy. Your pictures from last year's Meredith were lovelyful and gave me my first glimpse of the event. I'll snap some shots to share with you, but my photographic eye, equipment and skill are nothing compared to yours. Hopefully I can get a good shot of the infectious goodwill.

sophistikfool said...

Hey kranky a new year's party plan is under construction over on nonsense; so when you're done with meredith, come by, an invation is pending, cause a party isn't one if there is no krankiness. Bring the krankivan too, it might be needed!

BEVIS said...

Meredith's an ace chick. She makes a wicked vegemite and cheese roll. You'll love it.


And hey - thanks for the trendy link!

I will always be, your one and only:


sugar and spice said...

best not to expect anything dear boy

elaine said...

So who's going to get Kranki to run the Meredith Gift?

Send me photographic evidence and you'll win a prize.

kranki said...

Bevis: Don't ever doubt my love.

Elaine: Gin and Tonic might talk kranki into such stupidity.

If I don't feel like running in the race I'll be sure to send you a nice snapshot to tuck under your pillow.

Ruth said...


Every year I fry like a motherfucker.