Monday, November 28, 2005

So far...

So far I haven't had much urge to blog now that I'm in Australia. I know some people like to document their travels and I'm sure I will at some point but I've been far too busy meeting oodles of new friends here in Melbourne.

I feel like it's hard to blog about my experiences here without sounding overly glib or potentially hurting somebody's feelings if I don't mention them. I can't talk about some friends without including everybody.

I haven't been able to use the ATM here and trying to call my bank in the US was hugely frustrating. My hosts have been incredibly kind and generous and make me feel incredibly welcome. They're everything I could have hoped for and life here at the commune is smoothe and simple.

I can tell you that I got to hear a local "poet" share his "brilliance" with a very special poem entitled Itty Bitty Titties and I ate a huge portion of marinated kangaroo steak. Oh and my friend presented me with a masterfully crafted plastic aboriginal hunter. I know it's a good one because it was manufactured in China. How much fucking plastic do they have in China to make all the utterly useless crap they produce? And why in the name of Sweet Lucifer's bean bag do we buy them?

I miss Freckle Dick and Ass Breath. Every time I see a friend's dog or even a dog on the street I wish they were here. It's nice to be pack leader. It's also odd because no matter how much I seem to drink I haven't gotten that buzzed feeling. Perhaps that's for the best as my head should be getting screwed on tighter.

I'll do my best to find the funny in the next few days. I think it's best if I get away from all this boring personal drivel anyway.

Perhaps you could send me some inspiration or idea to help me jumpstart my brain. Something in my head is just completely off and I've gotten into this very serious state of mind. I'll joke around as usual but my heart isn't into it. I hope I can find a way to have fun when my future is so wide open. I want to be able to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about my murky future.

Any and all suggestions for achieving this are sincerely welcome. My life has no creative focus or structure. I'm in dire need of both.

Blogitty blog blog blah blah. Tired - bed calls.


Buck Fudd said...

Aboriginal hunter pen stand if you don't mind.

Kickstart? Well, faith healers and gin blossoms await.

gun street girl said...

You're in Australia? Bullshit!!

Tuppence said...

Sydney's always fun.

Ukulele said...

I think we'll have to get you drunk.

Or did we do that already?

And I wish to see that photo of my shirt up, ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Would that geography could cure a bruised heart Kranki. Try and be cheered by the thought that there are many other Aussies *out here* who are hoping that the other kids are looking after you and showing you a good time. If you want to come and pat our stinky dogs just say the word. Preston is a beautiful suburb - its the Paris of the North, truly.
Miss O
Maybe you need to go to St.Andrews Market on a Saturday and sit in the chai tent. Do they still have the Chai tent??

Chai said...

Heyy... hope the flight was tolerable... many crying babies? and were the stewards friendly? What movies were they showing? Tell all, tell all.

kranki said...

Good points Bucky
I am in australia gun street! Deal. Or better yet take me out and show me a good time. You may need to bring backup.


The shirt up shot of you will be on the blog tomorrow, so no worries.


No, that's not my style. I'd never do such a thing. I will have the B man email it to you asap.

Don't you want to see the one where I am stuffed down onto B's crotch?

I'm looking forward to take Kranki to work day with you.

Yeah, I think getting good and hammered sounds lovely.

Chai has his own tent? Cool.

My flight was great the babies were quiet and I had three seats to lay out on. 10 hour nap was refreshing. Zero lag del Jettado. They had a lovely selection of films. I watched Wedding Crashers which didn't need a second screeing. There are some good memorable lines from Vince Vaughn.

I think Anna and A are okay with a 3 person marriage, which is cool, somebody will have to support me and my life of leisure.

MelbourneGirl said...

who the fuck gets three seats to stretch out on.

not me.


hey, but welcome to melbourne kranki.

i'm sure you can find some dogs to pet. pat.

Clokeeeey! said...

While in Melbourne, head for the Myer windows for some automatronics fun. Look out for the "restless" santa. Good for a laugh.

gun street girl said...

I'll have to think of somewhere more exciting to show you than my local venue, but if you're planning on heading down the Belgrave Line (Have someone explain about that to you), let me know, we can sort something out.

Clokeeeey! said...

GSG could always take you on puffing billy.

Locket said...

Hi Kranki, my name is Locket (first time commenter on this here blog and feel rude barging in without the necessary introductions)

Now, this general malaise you're feeling? It's MELBOURNE. I mean, the shopping? World class. The men? Top notch. And culture? They've got it in spades. But as for boundless joy without rhyme nor reason? Sydney has the monopoly. I think it's the views. You CANNOT lose your buzz in this city (for long anyway).

Are you coming here? I have met Miss Tuppence before but we've never drunk the ale in excess. She should be just about finished her exams. Maybe your visit calls for a celebratory international blogger booze-up?

Your new friend,


Tuppence said...

You neglected to mention how incredibly HOTT I am, Locket.

Now there's a carrot.

Crude Guy # 1 said...

I just got an image of Tuppence talking about how hott she is while looking at herself in the mirror, and then being somewhat surprised to find a carrot secreted somewhere on her person that she didn't know about.


Crude Guy # 2 said...

We'd ALL like to see that photo, Ukulele. Somebody post it already.