Saturday, August 20, 2005

Neighbor Update

So my friend Giggles let me borrow his car and I used it as a gigantic means of annoying my neighbors by parking it in the silently disputed parking spot that has helped fuel my hatred of the puke that lives below us.

It's good to be immature. I missed perhaps my only chance to stick a stinky time bomb in Whorella's car a few months ago when late at night I saw that the car door had been left open and nobody was around. I'm hoping that she gets drunk again to the point where she comes home and staggers out of the car in a mindspilling stupor. I'm sure that's what happened. If only I had hated her more sooner. I will have to work on that when I meet people in the future.

Well it's well after midnight here so it's time to play ball with the dogs so they can run up and down the hallway like mad little beasts.

Gosh, I sure hope that won't disturb the downstairs neighbors.

Here's hoping nobody hides a half open can of tuna fish someplace in your car.

1 comment:

BEVIS said...

Remember, there's always the option of tipping a whole can of paint over the roof / windscreen / bonnet of their car during the night.

Ah, great times ...