Monday, August 22, 2005

It's Disneyland, what's the worst that could happen?

What the hell are they doing to the kid in this photo?

I have a friend set to visit me in LA next weekend and she has her heart set on going to Disneyland. Now, I wouldn't normally go myself, but she has made several promises that I can photograph her in compromising positions with the assorted Costumed Characters who roam around the park. After a long day of photographing inappropriate behavior. We might even have time to go on some rides. I decided to do some research on Disneyland and unfortunately I came across this. Don't worry it hasn't deterred me.

Read the article at the link below. Don't miss the Time Line of Death.

The Tea Cup ride sounds safe, but holy deep fried shit on a stick - Frontierland must have been built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

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Cape Man said...

The worst thing about Disneyland is the queues, and the markers along the queues that tell you how much longer you have to wait to get to the front of the queue and then the ride at the front of the queue is so lame you want to get that time back so you complain to Mickey but he won't listen to you even though he has the biggest ears in the place so you go and get stuck into pluto but he's not listening either and he can't talk so he's of no use so you go and stand in another line for another eternity marked of in 30 minute chunks and when you get on that ride you think, shit that was another rip-off so you leave and try and find your car in the car park for an hour then realise you came with the hotel shuttle bus and then...........