Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Five Finger Disney Discount

One Disney Pin... $8.95

Catch of the Day... $9.00

Dozens more pins and anklets and toe rings and bracelets and necklaces... um... quite a lot.

Four JEDI TRAINING ACADEMY Magnets... $16.00

Assorted Postcards... $9.00

Scrunchie Nemo... $4.00

Rubber Bendable STYRACOSAURUS... $14.00

Lil Tigger Wallet... $10.00

Power Claw... $6.00

Pretty Princess Postcard and Picture Book... $5.00

Three Velcro Monkeys... $27.00

Princess Jasmine Doll... $12.00

Mickey Mouse Ears... $6.95

It's A Small World Musical Snow Globe... $12.95

Stealing a whole mess of crap* from Disneyland with your friend...


Actually it adds up to $335.45 plus tax.

*Grumpy Ski Hat, Bouncy Light-up balls and T-shirt and crayons not pictured.


Clokeeeey! said...

Ten teenagers won't be getting paid today.

la nadine said...

And there goes this weeks contribution to the german neo-nazi party.

fluffy said...
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BEVIS said...

I find this most amusing!!

I'll give you $5 Australian (so that's about 38 cents US) for the Princess Jasmine Doll.

Buck Fudd said...

They're not velcro monkeys: They're velcro gibbons!

kranki said...

Buck Fudd: Actually the brown monkey is a gibbon. The black velcro monkey says it's a Colobus Monkey and the Grey one is a Langur. But yeah, the do all look like gibbons.

Nadly: Fear not, I sent them a lovely batch of yummy swastika-shaped cyanide cookies.

Clokeeeey!: I think Disney just has their oblivious teenage employees to work in the cotton-candy mines below the park.

Bevis: I stole that Jasmine doll for another perverted young man. I naturally assumed that you already had a complete collection of the stuffed Disney princesses.

BEVIS said...

Good call.

I do.