Saturday, August 13, 2005

Controversial Couple

Romeo and Juliet: A couple in love

I wanted to write something original and bittersweet that would make you want to touch your pretty parts in between sobs, but Mr. Liquid sent me this article and it's just better than any fiction or friction that I can craft today. If it happens in nature that means it's natural.

The Article


Anna A Spades said...

" matter who they choose to swim with."

I love that.

Attention choreographers of the world!! -

Swan Lake: The Sequel.

Buck Fudd said...

A couple of years ago I heard of a pair of gay vultures at Jerusalem zoo. This evil is everywhere!!

BEVIS said...

I love how there's a 2% margin of error, but they're 100% certain of the swans' genders! :)

Wacky Amercians!