Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

This is the best virtual reality mug anybody has ever given me. I am touched by your gesture. I want that mug. Where can I get one? I think I might die without it.

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sugar and spice said...

oh kranki, you shouldn't have. but, you know, i'm glad you did.

i found your present on google images and since your post (probably the best post ever *ala Napolean*) i've done some more googling to locate the mug.

i found this
i couldn't find the mug, but there were t-shirts and i'm sure if you emailed them they'd have a spare mug hauled up in the kitchenette.

i'd buy it for you, but i'm a tight-arse and Kranky are apparantly in the US, so it'd be way quicker if you got it. plus like i said, i'm tight.

ahhh, bloggy love