Sunday, November 28, 2004

Making the Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

Muppet Magic I have developed a theory that you can classify all of your friends according to what Muppet they are. Try it for yourself.

Last night I enjoyed the hell out of both The Muppet Movie and the magic brownies we ate while watching it. Like most great movies it all starts in a swamp with a frog, a banjo and a dream. Who can forget that mean old Doc Hopper. Animal growing giant-sized! That moment was like a long deep puff of kiddie crack for me. It's all good, it was like finding my happy place if only for a few hours. Except that I think I hate Mel Brooks humor. I can't help it. I want to be pro-Mel, but I just can't.

Who are your favorite Muppets and your least favorite Muppets?
My favorites are:
Professor Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker
The Red-haired mustached David Crosby-looking Muppet from Dr. Teeth's band - what's his name? Oh yeah, Floyd.

I have to say honestly that Miss Piggy is not high up on my list. Maybe it's the kissing or the fact that Kermit can do better than settle for chubby egotistical diva. Also Fozzie Bear is my absolute least favorite, below Sam the Eagle and Scooter. Fozzie is just there to make Kermit seem more likeable and funny. He's a hack. Nobody likes a hack. At least he's optimistic, I'll give him that. I hope I still get to go to Muppet Heaven after saying all these blasphemous things.

My biggest Muppet related beef if with the voice work of Yoda and Miss Piggy. I can't watch Yoda in any of the Star Wars movies. Every time Yoda talks all I can hear is Miss Piggy's voice. I keep waiting for Yoda to tell Luke how much he loves Kermie. Damn you Frank Oz, Damn you! But no tears for me people, we all have our own cross to bear in life. And that is mine.

"So what did you think of this post to the the Krankiboy Khronicles?"

"The last time I saw writing that bad was when I vomited up a bowl of alphabet soup."

"Really? I didn't like it as much as you."

Share your favorite Muppets or Muppet moments.


Minty Twat said...

I am particularly fond of Muppet Treasure Island.

There is a nice scene where Kermit's Captain Smollet is reunited with his former fiance, Miss Piggy's Benjamina Gunn. As Benjamina is telling Smollet how she ran off with the evil Captain Flint on the rebound after the break up, they are interupted by Long John Silver and the other pirates. Benjamina looks at him and says, "Well, hello Lonnnngg Johhhnnn". Smollet: "Not him too!"

Just wonderful in a kids movie.

Sponky said...

Pepe is my favorite from the Muppets: Next Generation, but Kermit will always have a special place in my heart. I have a Kermit tie. I am so awesome.

Desci said...

I heart muppets like no one hearts muppets. BUT, the Phantom of the Muppet Show (I tremble even writing his name) Fucked me up for life.

For life.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes..Uncle Deadly (The phantom) still creeps me out. I had nightmares as a kid about him.
I just found out he was voiced by Vincent Price...No wonder!