Sunday, November 28, 2004


So, I saw this and I got all excited. If Bush and the Religious Right can have America, shouldn't I be the one to win my own Private Island. I would have be a wonderful and benevolent dictator of Krankiland. You would all have been able to come and stay for free we'd have our own little voice in the United Nations and we would have instituted a no organized religion policy. I was a thing of beauty but my dreams have been shattered. The scratch-off did not go my way. I'm sorry if I let any of you down.


Miss Know It All said...

If you had your own island, you wouldn't need the bullet rule! Or maybe you would, then you could make it a survival game. And you should probably get a wireless network, because you're going to invite all us bloggers to live there, too.

-Miss K.

kranki said...

Send your suggestions, pictures etc to - I really am compiling a massive list. Seriously.