Sunday, December 04, 2005

Take your Kranki to Work Day

So I'm all excited that I get to be taken to work like some strange foreign mascot. Fits worked it out so that folks would be whisking me around doing their jobs and I could entertain myself and others in the process.

Of course I woke up on Friday feeling terribly sick. Sore throat, then became a head cold and then a cough.

I was going stir crazy after two days of being house bound and I decided to take B.E. for a walk. Then I was whisked away to the RRR Barbecue Benefit. I love crowd watching so I found a seat in the shade of somebody's umbrella off to the side and began to listen to the music as I scanned the crowd.

I don't know what it is about people watching that is so entertaining but since I was a little kid it has fascinated me to see the huge variety of people that wander across this planet of ours.

Some of my Favorite People Watching Spots are the LAX airport, Melrose Avenue also in L.A., the Lower East side of Manhattan, La Rambala in Barcelona, Amsterdam Open Market area and Haight Ashbury street in San Francisco. After today I would have to add Melbourne to that list.

I must be off to bed to get back all my strength for Meredith. I hope I get to sleep in the krankivan unless of course a large and friendly tent makes itself available.

I hope I'm 100% so I can get back to Take Kranki to Work Day. That could make for some interesting blogging.


Jellyfish said...

Last night I had a dream that I took you to work. Only my work was at a ride-on lawnmower place. It was pretty confusing. All I really remember is that I kept trying to get you to wear the ride-on mower uniform which consisted of a green t-shirt and a light blue beret, a la the UN Peacekeepers.

God, my brain is a scary place sometimes.

Ukulele said...

So are we still on for tomorrow?

Chai said...

Where are the photos? The photos. Yes, the photos.

BEVIS said...

Three brilliant points, Chai - and very well made.